Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome New Year.. cuz the last one sucked

The rolling over of the annual calendar marks a time of renewed hope for many of us. That sentiment especially applies to me this year, because 2010 was a particularly dismal year for us, financially. The floorcovering industry in Florida dried up to a mere trickle. When the economy slumps and people hold tighter to the pursestrings, new carpet is not on most peoples mind. Ergo, if you make your living installing carpet that people have stopped buying, you don't make much of a living at all.

The upside to all this is that the situation (not the dude on jersey shore) has impelled my husband to make the decision to move forward on something he's been thinking about doing for years. He's going back to school. In fact, he picked his classes last night and starts next week. I am excited for him and, I must admit, pretty jealous, too. He says he's scared. We're not sure how we're gonna get the bills paid for the month of January. The financial aid office at the school told him that he qualified for full financial aid, but only a portion of the amount he was supposed to get has appeared in his account. So we're kinda flying on a wing and a prayer.